Learning is one key of administering IT solution in your business. Sometimes it’s not an app that you need, but training to increase IT literacy. Increasing IT literacy to operate existing application is sometimes more important than creating new software. Creating new software need a handful of IT knowledge, and training gives the knowledge to them.

There are two type of tech training on Aplindo:

  1. Software operating training.
  2. Software Engineering and Development Training

Software operating training

This training is intended for people with low IT literacy, so they can interact better with computers and can operate standard office applications for their purposes. This skillset are needed in the industry 4.0, where all are pushed to be digitized.

Software Engineering and Development Training

This training is an advance training intended for IT and tech guys, who are professional in IT world. The training is mainly on technological and conceptional subject of Computer field. Including the knowledge from Computer Science, Software Engineering, Information System, Infomation Technology, and Computer Engineering.

Every training on Aplindo is taught by top instructors from the world’s best universities, educational institutions, and IT Professional